YEAR: 2016

Inspired by music visualizer displays and stereo equalizers. Saber is a music & sound visualizing lamp. Designed to function as either a single unit or in multiples. When installed in multiples each individual Saber can be set to one (or all) of eight specific frequencies ranging from bass to high frequencies. By selecting increasingly higher frequencies from left to right a basic spectrum analyzer can be achieved at a large scale.

Saber uses a unique single button interface to switch between modes and settings. In the center of the bottom metal cap is a leather bound button. A click of the button changes between modes and a press and hold can be used to adjust settings.

With several sound visualization modes and several more ambient lamp modes Saber is a unique piece with a minimal form factor. Each mode is designed to represent and visualize sound in different ways. This way many different types of music and sound can be appropriately represented in different contexts.

  • Falling-Dot: designed to replicate the look of a spectrum analyzer, is suitable for most music at lower volumes – it more acutely shows details in the music.
  • Middle-Out: inspired by waveforms of spoken word this mode is excellent at representing voice patterns, but because of its quick speed can appear a little strobe like with loud music.
  • Ripple: originally designed as a mode to show all the eight frequencies at once even with only one Saber, but we also found it to look stunning with larger numbers of Sabers.
  • Fade: Less of an animation and more of an abstract representation of sounds based on loudness, intended for a party or club type context.
  • Rainbow: The only interactive mode of the music modes the color of rainbow is able to be changed by the user.

Aside from being a music and sound visualizer Saber is also an ambient lamp with a range of Lamp Modes:  

  • Scrolling Neon: neon inspired lamp mode that constantly fades from one color to the next
  • Ombre: Moving color gradient of the rainbow
  • Fire: Mesmerizing flickering flame
  • Neon: Select a single color, including white, to replicate a neon tube

The end caps at each end are customizable and are available in different shades and metals, currently we carry stock of polished brass and gloss white but it is also possible to do gloss black, unfinished steel, polished nickel, polished copper or antique brass. Saber comes with a 5v power supply (110-240v 50-60Hz) and either a swag hanging kit or a wall mounting kit, so can be hung from the celling or mounted on the wall. Saber can also be hardwired into a junction box with a standard pendant canopy kit - not included.