YEAR: 2017

In early 2017 we began working on a range of homewares aimed at the tabletop scale. We called this evolving collection of products: Executive Objects. They are designed using a simple manifesto that states each object must be minimal in style, geometric in form, honest in material, elegant in simplicity and sculptural to the core. The manifesto itself is a simplified reflection of the Studio's own design style and ideology. The collection launched with five product lines, one of which was Poise, a candlestick holder that juxtaposes fine balance & poise with raw concrete solidity and strength.

Poise draws on our experience with previous projects that challenge perceptions such as the Rain Lamp were we merged water and electricity in a harmonious contradiction. We wanted to create a candlestick that challenged existing notions of candles being knocked over as a negative experience and turn it into a positive experience. After experimenting with a range of sizes, shapes and materials we arrived at design your see here; a self-balancing, concrete, hemisphere six inches in diameter with a brass candle socket in the center. The longer we lived with the design the more it became a representation of the potential for movement rather than the movement itself. Its tangential relationship with the surface it sits on means it balances on a very small, needle-point like area. This creates a visual perception of the very nature of poise and elegance, like a dancer using Pointe technique to appear weightless. Contrasted with the strength and solidarity of concrete Poise creates a unique dichotomy or material and form.


Poise comes with a set of three candles 13 ¾" long and ¾ in diameter (35 cm long and 22mm in diameter) each with a burning time of roughly 10 hours. These are unscented, non-dripping, 100% stearin candles. While we recommend using pre-threaded, replacement candles purchased through our web-shop, you are able to use any standard ¾" diameter candle by threading it into the candle socket of the Poise candlestick.