YEAR: 2016

Inspired by Alexander Calder's mobile artworks this lamp is uses dynamic movement as a design element. By gently pulling on the lower arm the system becomes offset and through a series of graceful over-corrections slowly finds its way to equilibrium once more. This motion also incites a subtle spinning effect emphasising the flowing motion. The systems 12 volt LED lights provide a warm glowing light that is cool to the touch and more durable than regular incandescent bulbs. Mobile comes in two styles; Globe and Lite.

Mobile - Lite
The original version of Mobile, ceramic and brass sockets at the ends of each arm provide subtle weight that amplifies the self balancing movement created by any external forces, be that rotational movement from indoor breezes from people moving about or doors opening and closing or vertical movement from people physically interacting with the piece.

Mobile - Globe
Designed as the premium version of Mobile this version features illuminated 6" white glass globes for a more dramatic aesthetic. Mobile Globe is also customisable in a number of ways. Because of this we can work with you to design your Mobile to best suit your intended space. Weather that be with the standard three or four bulb options, or more elaborate compositions. Please contact us directly for more information on customisation options for Mobile.


Three Globe Mobile:


Four Globe Mobile:


Lite Mobile in Brass:


Lite Mobile in White: