"There are too few precious moments in life where our very essence and being is reflected back onto ourselves. In these moments we become a part of a timescale separate from our own, a dreamlike state in which we no longer sit at the center of the universe but are granted the privilege to look upon it. These are the moments I seek to share. These are the experiences I seek to design" - Richard Clarkson

Below is a list of our guiding principles, they are the core values we believe in, they are what drive us, and they are what defines us.


We strive to view the world through a series of critical and creative lenses. That recollections of the past and visions of the future are fuel for the present.

A culture of weird/cool

We are a family of sorts, a diverse range of people from all over the globe. We are a little weird but in a 'cool' way. We believe that our uniqueness gives us power. 


We are growing, diversifying, validating and constantly improving. Hoping to narrow the gap between New Zealand and New York We are a small team with big dreams. 


We are art & design laboratory with a focus on experimenting, because of this our projects and products are often unapologetically curios and boldly adventurous.

High Quality

It goes without saying but means nothing if we say without going. We work tirelessly to ensure the highest possible quality, and we hope it shows in all our products.

Art + Design

We exist somewhere in between art and design, drawing from both disciplines and flowing between them, using the processes and methodologies of each.

Clean Aesthetic

Weather it is a sculptural or minimal project we aim for a clean, coherent style and an honest use of materials.

Product of Design

As inspired by Allan Chochinov we like to think there are many forms of a 'product', that almost anything that goes through the design process is in itself a product of design.


Beyond designing our own evolving product lines we also offer services in consulting, customization, and commision. We work with companies of all sizes - from small to huge.