YEAR: 2018

In early 2017 we began working on a range of homewares aimed at the tabletop scale. We called this evolving collection of products: Executive Objects. They are designed using a simple manifesto that states each object must be minimal in style, geometric in form, honest in material, elegant in simplicity and sculptural to the core. The manifesto itself is a simplified reflection of the Studio's own design style and ideology.

Designed for Richard Clarkson Studio by Juan Trapp Launch uses a backflow incense pod to create a visually stunning launching affect. A backflow incense pod is a special type of incense where the smoke is pulled downward by the shape of the pod itself. We created a form that funneled that smoke through the body of the rocketship and out an exhaust port and used the pod itself as the tip of the rocketship. Inspired by the form-factors and style of Thunderbird vehicles Launch is a playful embodiment of the little rocketship that nearly could.