Design Briefs

3D Printed Ceramic Object

Design a small product using Shapeway's ceramic 3D printing technology. Keep in mind size limits of technology. Option to incorporate another material to expand functionality.

Examples & Links:


Stationary Set

Design a series of stationary objects, some options are include, notebook, pen, ruler, tape roll, sharpener, eraser holder, pencil, printed elements such as posters are also possible.

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Packaging Free Product

Design a table top or pendant lamps that aligns with the Packaging Free brand. Think about sustainability in ways beyond simply brown recycled paper. Think about, reuse, take-apart-ability, material choice, and durability.

Examples & Links:

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 2.35.31 PM.png

Facture Goods Collaboration

Design something that merges the skills and abilities of both Richard Clarkson Studio and Facture Goods. Aron has very handmade style and works with brass, wood, and ceramics.

Examples & Links:


Laser Cut Product

Design something that utilizes our new Laser cutter. Leather goods, acrylic goods, thin wooden goods. Use 3D techniques such as layering, slotting, and other creative methods. Keep in mind the 24" x 12" bed of the laser cutter.

Examples & Links:
laser cutter inspiration