YEAR: 2011

Concept by Richard Clarkson, Grace Emmanuel, Kahlivia Russel, Eamon Moore, Brodie Campbell, Jeremy Brooker and Joya Boerrigter at Victoria University of Wellington.

Cradle is a rocking chair made to create a calm, safe, comfortable and relaxing space to dissipate the overstimulation of our senses, which comes as a result of living in today's technologically oriented society. Founded on Autism and Rhythmic Movement Disorder (RMD) research, the Cradle chair aims to help sufferers recuperate. Studies showed that assisted rocking helped calm participants, while being swaddled in a blanket aided in relieving symptoms of stress. By creating a targeted design solution for Autistic and RMD diagnosed children, Cradle is a piece of furniture that can be used by all, bringing relaxation, comfort and calmness to anyone in need. Cradle was initially a group project by Richard Clarkson, Grace Emmanual, Kahlivia Russel, Eamon Moore, Brodie Campbell, Jeremy Brooker and Joya Boerrigter but was manufactured and brought to the market by Richard Clarkson.


All material choices are made to be as natural and non-toxic as possible - the cotton is natural canvas that has been treated with a plant based stain repellent and the cushions are authentic New Zealand wool. The wood has been treated with organic wax and the glue used is aliphatic non-toxic wood glue.


Utilizing available space at his New Zealand home, Richard worked to make the design flat-pack and increase its durability. Over a 3 month period Richard and his staff (at one point 14 employees) made chairs to fill orders which have now been sent worldwide.