YEAR: 2017

The stars have inspired and awed each of us at some point. Staring up at the sky on a clear night is a spine tingling experience - as calming as it is exhilarating. I have memories of walking the sandy shores of Waimarama Beach at night looking up and being able to trace the flow of the Milky Way, losing myself in the stars and for a moment moving beyond the human sense of scale and time. Many cultures have interpreted the stars in their own way, creating stories and legends about those clusters of burning suns millions of miles away. Early astronomers used the stars to predict weather and seasons by identifying twelve constellations linked to the position of the sun throughout the year. These became the Zodiac constellations and with them came a new relationship with the stars. 

The Constellation series is our interpretation of those patterns and relationships, at a far smaller scale but still with a sense of the magic that comes with gazing into the heavens. We created the system to float on a two dimensional plane, but to also hint at the three dimensional nature of space. Each 'star' is held in place by a near invisible force which converges to a single point - the very embodiment of an expanding universe traced back to the Big Bang.

The system itself is a flat pack system which ships in a lovely small package. Once it arrives each of the components is laid out according to the systems map and the rods snap into the star nodes. Once assembled the supports for each star node are threaded through the canopy and crimped in place using our adjustable crimps. The system is then lifted into position and hardwired into place. Being a low voltage system it is even possible to run the unit from batteries though extra hardware is required for this. The LEDs themselves are rated for over 50,000 hours and each star node can be independently replaced.


On Wednesday the 11th of October we launched the Constellation lighting system. We installed all twelve versions of Constellation and invited friends and family to spend some time under the stars. We want to thank Sixpoint Brewery for sponsoring the event and also thank everyone who attended and helped made it such a special experience.


Check out the short video of our launch event below, thanks to all those who came and made it such a speacial night!