YEAR: 2017

In early 2017 we began working on a range of homewares aimed at the tabletop scale. We called this evolving collection of products: Executive Objects. They are designed using a simple manifesto that states each object must be minimal in style, geometric in form, honest in material, elegant in simplicity and sculptural to the core. The manifesto itself is a simplified reflection of the Studio's own design style and ideology. The collection launched with five product lines, one of which was Bloc, a cast brass, desktop monolith that also opens bottles.

Each Bloc is hand stamped with the Richard Clarkson Studio logo and has the option of adding a laser engraved message. The opening is hand cut in the optimal bottle cap gripping shape. Bloc has been specifically designed to be proudly on display on your desk, kitchen counter, bar or window sill. Its minimal cubic form and simple brass finish compliment a wide variety of contexts and color pallets.

Sized to accommodate a standard bottle or can Bloc is also able to act as an exuberant coaster. Though we prefer it sitting elegantly next to a freshly open cold bottle. At roughly 15oz Bloc is substantial in the hand, its weight combined with its unapologetically unrounded edges play against standard ergonomics but over time becomes a different sort of comfortable as the user learns to work with the edges and corners. *The first 20 blocks sold will be hand stamped with a unique serial number.